Nothing ever happened in my childhood that made me sad. That’s how fondly she remembers the early days of her life which she re-created for her own children. A mother of three kids, now 24, 23 and 16; she feels she could have achieved a lot more in life. But this thought never crossed her mind until recently. She was very content and found her happiness from her life that revolved around home, her husband and her children. Her daughter fell in love with a foreigner. Her initial reaction to this love story was betrayal. But reason ruled her. Her inner conviction and the respect she bore for her daughters’ choices and happiness drove her to convince an orthodox household to fulfill her daughters dream of marrying a man of her own choice. She was instrumental in making the wedding a grand celebration. Her daughter, her chief source of happiness, who married the foreigner has now left home. ‘For the rest of her life she is only going to come as a guest and her life with us is over. I can’t believe this and sometimes when I think about it, it really makes me cry.’

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