Having spent her childhood in deriving happiness from watching the stars and the moon, staring at the sun and speaking to plants, she is now the mother of two. Her younger daughter is 15 years old and the older one is 18. After having been the youngest child amongst four brothers and sisters, pampered with luxuries, she was married into an economically modest but very morally-driven household at the age of 27. Adapting to the more new ways of life post marriage, ‘When he would raise his voice, maybe tears flew out, but then it was okay. I would let go and then start again.’ Very content and accepting of what life has had to offer her, she continues her practice as an interior designer. Her motivation to work is to not deprive charity. She expresses that she has no fears and has surrendered her life into divine hands and has instilled this faith in her children. Her dependency now is the divine. Life has not spared her from trials and tribulations, however her attitude has. She gives a lot of credit to her six year long tryst with karate which she believes has played a significant role in giving her immense amounts of inner strength.

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