After marrying a man of her parents choice at the of 17, she landed up in a household abounding with hardships, not any different from her own parents house. ‘The room was so small that there wasn’t enough place for us to sleep. So I would make a swing out of a saree and suspend it between two walls and make my daughter sleep. There was no place at all. ‘A husband turned into an alcoholic would find any possible excuse to beat them up; not even sparing their one month old child. One night her neighbours found her battered and abused and took her to the police station to save her from her husband’s assaults. Her mother and brother now provide shelter to her and her children (aged 15 and 8) accommodating them on the roof of the attic in their very diminutive home. Of her 3 children, her oldest daughter turned 19 recently and left home after having married a man from another community, completely against the wishes of the family. She has cut off all communication with her but really misses her presence. Except a couple of utensils, she has nothing that she can call her own. She has never known what it is like to be happy and wishes that her children do not have the same fate as hers.

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