In school I was learning Judo and after school I joined karate class. The first thing told to us was, you are not learning Karate to fight with anybody. You are learning to be friendly. It was very different from what I had imagined. It is more about defense. I started karate because my dad was hit by those people in the society. They had beaten him up and quite badly with a hockey stick. Somehow that time I felt that I must learn Karate and I should know how to protect. Daddy was so helpless when they were hitting him. When I went there, my whole perspective changed. I was taught that you are not going to use this to fight with somebody; it is something which will help you to be at peace. You can basically be a master of your own self and your own mind; you can be disciplined and in control. That gave me a lot of inner strength. I would wake up at four every morning to practice. I think I practiced it for five years, up to my graduation. They were training me for Katha championship which is all these karate techniques in a dance form. It involves a lot of synchronisation. I did karate up to brown two. Black, I had to give but I joined interior design and didn’t have the time. I still do my breathing exercises. I would say that, till this date that strength has remained. I can say karate is in my blood.

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